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Atlas Zongshen Z One Feature Review

Atlas Zongshen Z One Feature Review

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Atlas Zongshen is that the fresh arrived completely in Bangladesh that complete is that the origin of China. In Bangladesh, Chinese merchandise is vast out there and their demands also are serious. Most significantly, if a Chinese product would reliable and classy, these two facts are enough to impress kids. As a result, it's become noted among a brief amount. So, to assert the native market, Atlas Zongshen ought to give higher quality and better-designed merchandise within the market. Let’s see the review of the main points of Atlas Zongshen Z One below. Although considering the appearance, it looks like an unadorned edition sports bike however compatible normal bike’s options cue as normal facts. 

What’s Look Like? 

Atlas Zongshen Z One is the best bike ever within the short budget. it' is no split seating position however the rear portion is higher. The light is aggressive together with an associate degree aggressive fuel tank kit. There is an associate degree engine guard that's conjointly offensive. There is a large and distinctive designed silencer pipe with the rear fender. Overall, the bike would get to choose initially sight. The overall features of this bike are so much interesting and outstanding. 

 Engine Specifications 

Atlas Zongshen Z One has terribly effective and robust engine technology that consists of OHC, one cylinder, and cool. Atlas Zongshen Z One is high-powered by a 149.5 cc engine with 9 BHP at the rate of 8500 rate GHB power and 12 kW at the rate of 5000 rates. The rumored prime speed of motorcycle Z One is a 120 km per hour. it's a kick and electrical beginning system enclosed with CDI kind ignition.

Dimensions Quality

One amongst their prime class normal bikes is Atlas Zongshen Z One that could be a 150 cc normal bike. Besides, the fuel tank capability is eighteen liters, and therefore the total weight of the bike is 140 kilograms. Thanks to a classy seating position, two-person will ride on Z One at a time and it'd be wise, to not run with overload. Around 18 liters fuel tank capacity with reserve, we would like to say that. It is an enormous quantity of fuel that may provide a secure ride throughout a protracted tour.

 Suspension and Brakes 

The telescopic inverted suspension is employed for the front wheel of Z One and the rear suspension isn't wanting nice however skinny in diameter. The rear suspension is a twin elastic device. However, The braking system is additionally sensible and mild. Atlas Zongshen has used a secured level of braking system by the mixture of disc and drum.

 Special Features

The front panel of the bike Atlas Zongshen Z One is nice however the mixture of digital and analog. There area unit digital meter however conjointly analog measuring system additionally. within the digital meter, there are speed indicators, fuel gauge, odometer, and trip meter superimposed. Besides, the bar consists of a few switches additionally. Atlas Zongshen Z One would not give satisfying mileage that ought to be temporary. It would go up to forty-five klick on the road thanks to low traffic however within the town, it would be poor.

 What’s New?

 The value of Atlas Zongshen Z One is far than expected. There most engaging colors of the bike area unit out there in Bangladesh named Blue, White, and Green. However it’s this value is higher than, it's currently compared with an equivalent section Indian bikes that create it less acceptable. For more information about this bike, you are most welcome to visit us regularly. 

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